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  • About the Infant Department

    Chestnut class is overseen by Mrs Kate Delaney (Head of EYFS & KS1 Manager) Oak and Rowan classes are overseen by Mrs Linda Appleton (Class Teacher) and Ruth Aspden (Deputy Headteacher)

    The children in the Infant Department range in age from four to seven years.Each child learns and develops through following a personalised curriculum to accommodate their individual needs and strengths.

    All of the children have a Highly skilled Key worker to support them in their Teacher directed activities.


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    The children are given opportunities to play with ideas in different situations both indoors and outside and with a variety of resourses, individually and with adults to support and extend their thinking and to help them make connections in their learning

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    Oak and Rowan classes provide personalised learning and holistic teaching based around pupils' individual needs. Each classroom provides individual and group work areas focusing on visual learning,  all of which is supported by symbols and schedules to help them understand the structure of their day.


    Oak and Rowan classes share an outdoor play area and a multi-sensory room, providing opportunities to encourage and develop a variety of social, communication and physical development skills. Chestnut class also have their own garden.





    Individual work activities are created to meet individual pupils' needs and highest motivators. Tasks will combine their interests with the Early Years and Key Stage 1 Curriculum to provide an exciting and function education


    The children love pond dipping in the spring. They have the opportunity to observe, comment and ask question about their natural world.

    We encourage children to be as independent as they are able and to support children's emotional well-being to help them to know themselves and celebrate what they can achieve.



    The children enjoy learning and have time, space and materials to play, investigate and explore.

    We adapt resources to support and provide opportunities for children to use all of their skills in a range of situations and to ensure equality of opportunity, recognising the unique skills and abilities of each child.

    Group times are structured and focused, following familiar routines to provide a safe environment in which the pupils' feel confident to participate. Each group activity is carefully planned alongside the curriculum to develop numeracy, literacy and communication skills.



    We love playing with the musical instruments and learn to play them with control.



    The children enjoy taking part in gross motor and fine motor activities and all children have the opportunity to swim and participate in physical exercise. We work closely with Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy colleagues and we love working with the students at the Chichester University on 'Enable me days.'



    We are members of the fruit and vegetable scheme and the children are provided with a healthy and nutritious snack in the morning and at the end of the day. We talk about healthy food options, explore foods from a range of different cultures and think about hygiene when eating and preparing food. We all love cooking!


    We provide a variety of methods of communication to aid their understanding including pictures, non-verbal communication, signing photographs, visual timetables, visual prompts and symbols.

    We all enjoy requesting at snack time with our friends



    We provide an enabling environment that has first-hand experiences to explore and discover, developing a positive disposition for learning.


    The children use a range of resources to develop their literacy skills. We sometimes use a sentence strip to help recognise and sequence key words



    We enjoy threading and posting to develop our hand eye co-ordination and early writing skills.




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    We are motivated and interested to learn when we can try out ideas and play.


    We learn the sounds of the alphabet through teacher led and play activities. We love our interactive whiteboard in Chestnut Class.



    The children love to look at books and develop their reading skills. We use the Oxford Reading Tree books and the Sails Reading scheme to teach key words.



    We all enjoy finding out about letters and sounds. All teachers and support staff use Makaton and cued articulation to support understanding.

    We provide work stations and areas of learning where children have space to work on self-initiated activities and teacher led activities, allowing them opportunities to sustain their concentration for extending periods of time.


    We provide a range of opportunities for learning, playing and interacting. These include child-initiated play, adult guided focus learning in the form of 'playful' experimental activities and adult directed activities. Play is essential for children's development, building their confidence and relating to others.


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    We plan activities for working outside and we are aware that the environment plays a key role in supporting and extending children's development and learning.



    We have a lovely sensory room for the children to explore and learn. infants41

    All the children enjoy our singing hand activities where we practice our Makaton signing every morning

    We work closely with parents, cares and outside agencies to support children and their families. We share information daily through the use of a Home/School book and the children all really enjoy sharing their work with their parents and carers in our open afternoons.

    Parents from all three classes are invited to attend a coffee morning each half term which is a lovely time to meet and talk to the members of the Infant team and other Mums, Dads and carers in a relaxed informal atmosphere.