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    The Support Centre is a department within the secondary school. It caters for the needs of pupils in Key stages 3 and 4 for those students on the Autistic Spectrum, with social communication difficulties and those students who require some support to access the main curriculum. We have a team of 11 support staff, a mixture of TAs and SSAs who work with small groups of students or individual pupils on personalised intervention programmes.

    The team is led by Lucy Summerfield, Senior Leader and by Lyn Treloar Associate teacher. We run a variety of intervention programmes, including credit chart reward systems, colour chart behaviour records, Speech and language programmes linking with the NHS therapists within school, Occupational Therapy programmes, Rebound Therapy, Behaviour Support with qualified councelors and Calm time play activities.


    • Rotational Support

      Each half term support is available for students who are experiencing difficulties accessing the curriculum. Working closely with tutors, pastoral, therapists and the pupils themselves, we are able to design a package of up to 6 weeks additional support.

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