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  • About Design Technology

    Debbie Wood- Design and Technology Teacher
    Mrs Debbie Wood

    The aim of Design and Technology at St. Anthony’s School is learn through investigating and have fun! All pupils in all years at St Anthony’s have access to the food technology room. From year 7 through to 11, pupils investigate food, from looking at and tasting different foods and ingredients to designing and making a three course meal!

    Pupils have the opportunity to explore food in a variety of ways and in year 11 may gain a certificate in Entry Level Food Technology.In the secondary department, all pupils have access to the work shop. In this subject pupils explore the use of different materials, in particular wood and plastic. All pupils have the opportunity to use hand tools and workshop machinery to complete design & make projects.

    We investigate materials and their uses, the design of every day items and how some things work. In year 10 pupils may gain Entry Level Resistant Materials Certificate. Design & Technology gives pupils the opportunity to gain TWO Entry Level certificates within one subject whilst at St Anthony’s School.