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        Mrs Sarah Paige Mrs Lucy Summerfield Mrs Heather Correia   

        As well as developing pupils’ ability to listen, speak, read and write, the central aim of our department is to make English fun and engaging for pupils working at all levels. At Key Stage 3 pupils have access to the National Curriculum and at Key Stage 4, access to a range of qualifications according to their ability including; Media Studies GCSE, Entry Level English and Functional skills.

        Learning Opportunities in English

        Speaking and Listening:
        Children engage with speaking and listening through drama, role play, presentations, debates and discussions within carefully selected topics. Our aim is to equip pupils with essential skills that will allow them to communicate effectively with others. English staff work closely with the school's speech and language therapist as well as outside NHS agencies.

        Our fundamental aim is to equip pupils with the necessary reading skills for life. We support pupils to develop their skills in the following ways; reading schemes, well resourced library, paired reading tasks, whole class reading of carefully chosen and engaging texts, book reviews, differentiated worksheets, phonics and the 'Yes We Can Read' 1:1 programme. Reading is embedded in each of our sessions.

        Pupils’ writing skills are developed through a vast variety of written tasks. Non fiction writing includes; newspaper articles, reports, autobiographical accounts, evaluations, adverts, magazine articles, letters of application sets of instructions and form filling. Fictional writing includes; poetry, short stories and diary entries. Pupils’ written work is assessed regularly with supportive and constructive feedback given. Agreed targets are set to help pupils make further progress.

        Trips, Workshops and Special Projects

        The English department are passionate about taking English out of the classroom environment and using it to engage with their wider community.

        Recent trips involved visits to:

        • Chichester library
        • Local bookshops
        • Cafes and restaurants
        • Bishop's palace gardens
        • Priory park
        • Local hotels

        These trips underpin the topic work undertaken in classes and allow pupils the chance to develop their speaking and listening skills in 'real life' contexts.

        Workshops and Special Projects:

        • Visits from authors
        • Poetry workshops
        • Shakespeare workshop with local actors
        • Representatives from community share their work experiences