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      Mrs Susan Styles
      History Teacher

      Mr Chris Armstead
      Associate History Teacher

      History encourages us to look beyond the headlines, ask questions and express our opinions. It enables us to make sense of the world we live in and to have an appreciation of the past and the things people have done before us.

      History at St Anthony’s will allow pupils to have an understanding of different periods in the past through a wide variety of teaching methods, including role play, literacy, IT, art, music and through the use of film. Pupils will act as detectives to investigate various artefacts and to begin to make sense of unsolved historical enquiries. They will be encouraged to question evidence and to develop their ability to formulate an argument. These are skills that will develop pupils' confidence and help them to articulate themselves, as well as improving their literacy skills.

      Pupils will gain a sense of chronology and an understanding of how things have changed throughout the ages. It will give them an awareness of different people and cultures and allow them to make links to our own culture.

      At St Anthony’s we firmly believe in exploring the subject of History beyond the classroom, and pupils will have to opportunity to take part in trips in and around the local area.

      This includes Fishbourne Roman Palace, Butser Ancient Farm, the Weald and Downland Museum, and Portchester Castle in Year 7.  The Mary Rose at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and Little Woodham Living History Village at Gosport in Year 8.   Year 9's take part in a Titanic workshop as part of their study of rich and poor leading up to the causes of WW1 and a trip to the Royal Armouries.


      We hope that pupils will not only benefit from the wide range of skills that History has to offer, but that they will enjoy studying History and will leave us with a genuine appreciation of the past.

      Rising Stars

      This enrichment program encourages pupils to explore beyond the curriculum. Pupils have visited Chichester Canal, Tangmere Military Aviation Museum, Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre, Bignor Roman Villa, Coultershaw Beam Pump, Sea City and Titanic Museum to name a few.