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      Mr James Bridges Computing Teacher

      It is important to ensure that our students acquire a range of skills and understanding which will enable them to take their place in a world where developments in technology are so fundamental that they will alter our work, our culture and our education system.

      Aims Our aims for Computing at St Anthony’s are that all pupils:-

      • develop digital literacy, including their knowledge and understanding of the importance of information and how to select and prepare it;
      • develop their skills in using Information Technology including hardware and software to manipulate information in the process of problem solving, recording and expressive work;
      • develop their ability to apply their computing capabilities to support their use of language and communication and their learning in other areas;
      • explore their attitudes towards digital technology, its value for themselves , others and society, and their awareness of its advantages and limitations.
      •decelop and awareness of the dangers to themselves and others that are present when using on-line material and social networking

      An Hour of Code - Computer drawing using Javascript. Visit Code.Org and try for yourself.

      Pupils with special needs have the same entitlement as all other pupils and are offered the same curriculum. In addition they use software programs specific to their needs and those pupils with a physical disability have access to specialist input devices.

      Pupils of higher ability have access to programs which offer challenge and opportunities for investigation.
      We are aware of inequalities in access to computers at home. We monitor access to school computers carefully to ensure that these pupils are not further disadvantaged.

      Through our Rising Stars Event, pupils learned coding by using 'Code Studio'.