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      Mrs Mel Horrod

      MS Sarah Lee-Jones

      We aim to provide all students’ with a fully differentiated curriculum so that each student is able to make the maximum progress at a level appropriate to them.

      We recognise the importance of providing students’ with the necessary skills to use Mathematics outside the classroom, and seek to develop their practical application of Mathematics in areas such as use of Money, Measures and Numeracy.

      At KS3 and year 10 students have 3 Mathematics lessons per week. In year 11 students have 2 lessons per week. All year groups also have an hour’s numeracy each week.

      A variety of ‘hands on’ activities and various teaching styles are used at both key stages in order to engage, motivate and improve students’ knowledge and understanding of Mathematics so that they can reach their full potential and succeed in later life.

      At KS4 students will either follow the OCR Entry Level, OCR GCSE or Edexcel Personal Progress Certificate.