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    Mrs Lynne Dearlove - Music Teacher

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    At St. Anthony’s School, we are very proud of our musical achievements, in which students of all abilities are challenged and engaged through a rich and varied curriculum. Our schemes of work aim to achieve a balance between traditional and modern, western and non-western music.

    Promoting Fundamental British Values

    In Music mutual respect and tolerance are fundamental parts of our ethos regarding audience etiquette. The music curriculum also promotes tolerance and understanding of other cultures by incorporating songs and music from different parts of the world. Pupils are given opportunities to work in pairs or in groups, sharing ideas and resources. We also encourage pupils to support each other e.g. through peer assessment pupils give each other positive feedback and make suggestions as to how work can be improved. Through musical activities pupils develop a sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about the world around them. A tolerance of different cultural traditions is promoted by enabling pupils to acquire an appreciation of and respect for different cultures and styles within Music.


    • Pupils become familiar with a range of live and recorded music from different cultures  
    • Pupils become familiar with music and instruments from a variety of cultures.
    • Pupils explore the different roles that music can play in different societies.
    • Pupils experience performances from Musicians who come from diverse racial backgrounds representing contemporary as well as traditional influences.
    • Musical traditions that are significant to pupils, their families and communities are valued and used appropriately and sensitively.
    • Pupils are encouraged to develop their own sense of identity and to explore contemporary social issues through music.

  • Class Lessons

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    • Instrumental Lessons

      Primary Department

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      In September 2014 we joined the ‘1Term2Learn’ initiative 1Term2Learn is a new one term whole-class ensemble teaching programme that aims to inspire children to take up a musical instrument. Working in partnership with schools, West Sussex Music now deliver weekly ukulele sessions to our KS2 classes on a rotational basis.

      Secondary Department

      In addition to class-based activities, opportunities are provided for students to learn keyboard, guitar and acoustic and electronic drumming.

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      • Choir

        Our choir practice during lunchtime breaks. The children learn some songs using Makaton as well as using their voices. Their achievements are celebrated in school performances which combine the Arts. Our last school show was Aladdin and the Forty Theives!

        Community Links

        The choir take an active role as members of the wider community. Every year we are invited to sing Christmas Carols at Donnington House and Marriott House. We also assist the Rotary Club of Chichester by singing at the local City Cross in order to raise money for local charities.

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      • Live Music

        Pupils experience the joy of live music with regular interactive performances from ‘Live Music Now’ a charitable scheme and a social and educational initiative.

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        • Rising Stars

          Our Rising Stars programme involves further opportunities to enrich pupils’ experiences beyond the allocated curriculum time. Three times a year pupils take part in activities designed to enhance their learning in different contexts and environments. Each curriculum area has identified pupils who have a higher level of achievement or interest in their subject.

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          Drumming workshop