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  • About RE

    Kate Sealby RE Teacher

    At St. Anthony’s school we offer an exciting and engaging RE curriculum using multi-sensory teaching. Pupils are encouraged to share their own beliefs, ideas and values and to discuss their experiences. They use art and design, music, dance and drama to develop creative talents and imagination, and use ICT to enhance awareness of religions and beliefs globally.

    Our learning techniques focus on practical skills, and then on developing literacy skills. Students learn about topics such as poverty through experiential means. This enables them to feel something of the injustice of the unequal distribution of the world's resources. Pupils carried out role-play to recreate a scene of homeless people struggling to survive on the streets of India; they made cardboard shelters to gain an understanding of how homeless people live. Verbal and social skills are developed through group work and discussions throughout the RE curriculum. Year 7 students discuss what they believe in and things in which they have faith and we focus on the diversity in the world and tolerance of others and their beliefs.

    Pupils experience religion through visiting places of worship, focusing on symbols and feelings, and by listening and responding to visitors from local faith communities.

    Rising Stars

    This enrichment program encourages pupils to explore beyond the curriculum. We have had 3 Rising Stars days:

    1) Chichester Cathedral - exploring the features in the building and the religious artefacts within.

    2) St Paul's Church - discussing the ceremonies and activities over which the vicar presides.

    3) Chichester Family Church - visiting to see how an alternative church is run and also to the food bank to see how it operates for the local community.