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      Mrs Kate Sealby YAS Teacher

      The Youth Award Scheme (YAS) is a programme of study which pupils participate within over years 10 and 11.

      The Youth Award Scheme’s aim is to develop, assess and accredit key skills and recognise pupils’ personal achievements.

      It is a programme which is broken down into different levels, being Bronze, Silver, Gold as well as Towards Independence and Transition Challenge. Each area of study aims to enhance the pupils’ key skills and this is done through various pathways consisting of life skills, improving their own learning, working with others, problem solving, communication and ICT.

      Pupils achieve Bronze, Silver, Gold, Towards Independence or Transition Challenge certifications by completing challenges within various modules in their work booklets. Challenges vary from meal preparation, self organisation, home management skills, time management, and involvement within the world of work as well as other modules. The modules allow pupils a significant aspect of freedom to choose challenges in order to succeed.

      As well as completing challenges, pupils have to keep a well organised portfolio of their work displaying evidence for the challenges that they have chosen to accomplish.