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    • About Dance Movement Therapy

       Miss Jeni Wilson - DMP Therapist


      DMP encourages young people to engage creatively in a process to further their emotional, physical and social integration.
      DMP helps young people to develop an awareness of the connection between their body and mind.

      The aim of DMP is to motivate the body and mind to experiment with new ways of being. This can be done through movement, verbally, writing, and drawing.

      You do not have to be trained in dance to do DMP!

      DMP is for boys and girls, of any ability and age!

      Possible outcomes could be growth and development in the following areas.

      • Creative expression

      • Social integration

      • Self and body awareness

      • Increased self esteem

      • Release of tension

      • Positive well being.

      The role of the therapist is to help to create a safe space, where they can hold and support the young people in their exploration of the ‘self’.