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  • About Work Experience

    Mrs Sally Humphrey
    Transition Manager/Work Experience

    Work Experience introduces young people to the world of work and is a valuable and essential part of their education and preparation for life after school.

    All of St. Anthony’s students are given the opportunity in Year 10 to engage in a week’s work experience, whether this is with one employer or a supported experience at a range of local employers.

    The time out of school is safe, enjoyable and as stress free as possible for the student and their families.

    The work experience week will give the student the chance to have some independence from school. As school uniform is not worn we encourage students to think about appropriate clothing, behaviour, attitude and how to communicate with members of the public who will assume that the student is in paid employment.

    Before any placement can commence Risk Assessments are completed by Chichester College and a copy is provided for parents.

    The British Safety Council Workplace Hazard Awareness course is taught in school prior to any placement.

    All students will have the opportunity to visit their chosen host before the planned work experience.

    All employers are given an Employers guide to work experience and any relevant medical / behavioural information will be passed to the employer with parent/carer consent beforehand.

    Students are given the opportunity to choose 3 areas of the world of work that they would like to gain some experience.

    Whilst on their placement Mrs. Humphrey and other St. Anthony's staff will visit and monitor the placement, ensuring all Health & Safety requirements are adhered to by the employer and followed by the student.

  • Employers' Comments

    ‘We were impressed with Keaton’s commitment to learn and his bike knowledge was very good. Keaton’s punctuality was excellent and his judgement was good when given some guidance. Well done Keaton and thank you’.

    Peter Anderson 


    Halfords, Bognor Regis

    A task that we were particularly pleased with was that Daniel put out stock and changed the labels on the shelves. Daniel was chatty and listened well.
    Keep working hard and use the skills that you have.

    Pets at Home


    ‘Faye worked with confidence alongside children and staff
    using appropriate behavior and language.
    Faye demonstrated a good use of her own initiative.
    Faye was an asset to the team and she will be missed, Faye is always welcome to return’.

    Karen Gibson
    Bognor Regis Nursery
    Children’s and Family Centre

  • Community Week

    Fishbourne Roman Palace