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    • Staff and Governors List

      Our Staff

      Helen Ball - Headteacher 

      Ruth Aspden - Deputuy Headteacher

      Lisa Spalding - Assistant Headteacher

      Lynne Dearlove - Assistant Headteacher

      Fiona Lewis - School Bursar, Clerk to Governors


      Secondary Teaching Staff

      Lynne Dearlove - Music Teacher 

      Lisa Spalding - Art Teacher, KS4 Manager 

      Lucy Summerfield - Senior Leader Personalised Learning, & Support Centre, English Teacher

      Melanie Horrod - Tutor & Science, Maths and Technology Co-ordinator

      Anna Kennedy - Tutor & Drama Teacher, Creative Arts Co- ordinator

      Samuel Komolafe - Tutor & Science Teacher

      Louise Leney -  Art & Design Teacher

      Sarah Paige - Tutor & English Teacher 

      Heather Correia - Tutor & English Teacher

      James Bridges - Tutor & Computing Teacher

      Kate Sealby - Tutor & YAS Teacher

      Sue Styles - Tutor & History & R.E Teacher, Humanties Co-ordinator

      Katy Thomas - Tutor & PSD Teacher

      Kimberley Tyrell - PE Teacher- Health Co-ordinator

      Debbie Wood - Tutor & Food Technology Teacher

      Helen Woollam -  Teacher

      Nathan Woolmer - Tutor & Geography Teacher

      Caroline Bizouarn - French Teacher

       Lucy Pratt - Food Technology Teacher

      Secondary Associate Teachers

      Lyn Treloar - Tutor & Secondary Support Centre

      Vicky Morgan - Secondary and Primary Speech and Language, Resource Centre Manager

      Primary Teaching Staff

      Linda Appleton - Primary Teacher 

      Katherine Delaney - KS1 Manager

      Lynne Carter - Primary Teacher

      Margaret Arrundale - Primary Teacher

      Samantha Mainwaring - KS2 Manager- Primary Teacher

      Sue Lothian - Primary Teacher

      Dane Norris - Primary Teacher


      Primary Associate Teachers

      Jenna Lake - Associate Teacher, Primary

      Helen Peach - Associate Teacher, Primary Infant Department

      Wendy Pickton - Associate Teacher, Primary

      Alyson Vankoolbergen - Primary

      Jeni Wilson - Associate Teacher, Secondary & Primary

      Support Staff

      Tracy Austin - Extended Schools Manager

      Sally Humphrey - Work Related Learning Manager/Post 16

      Julie Lang - Medical Support Manager

      Amanda Parker - Pastoral Manager

      Special School Assistants

      Alexia Green - Secondary

      Bryan Daffern - Support Centre/Cover Supervisor

      Caroline Bizouarn - Primary/Secondary

      Chantelle Strudwick - Secondary & Primary/Cover Supervisor 

      Chris Armstead - Secondary/Cover Supervisor

      Dawn Knee - Support Centre

      Denise Chambers - Medical Support/Secondary

      Denise Morley - Primary

      Emma Rioseco - Secondary

      Helen Bridger - Secondary

      Jane Twinley - Secondary

      Jo Rowley - Primary

      Joanna Parker - Secondary

      Katrin Caste-Jung - Secondary

      Kirsty Mainwaring - Secondary

      Leonie Enticott - Primary

      Lisa Guizetti - Primary

      Liz Wingham - Secondary

      Loren Misselbrook - Secondary (Maternity)

      Louise Donaghy - Primary

      Louise Joy - Support Centre

      Lucy Pratt - Secondary/Primary Cover Supervisor

      Marie Hurst - Primary

      Marta Bratek - Primary

      Miranda Allemand - Primary

      Nick Clark - Secondary/Cover Supervisor

      Paige Knee - Primary

      Paul Washer - Secondary

      Rachael Atfield - Primary/Secondary

      Rhona Jenkins - Primary

      Rosemary Millin - Primary

      Sarah Treagus - Primary

      Sarah Webb - Primary 

      Sue Sreenan - Primary

      Teaching Assistants

      Angela Prince - Secondary

      Anna Applin- Secondary

      Bradley Hellyer - Primary

      Cheryl Donaghue - Primary

      Chris Mudge - Secondary

      Claire Page - Primary

      Debbie Whittle - Primary

      Emily Hardy - Primary

      Gail McKimm - Primary

      Jade Colwell - Secondary

      Jessica Morgan - Secondary

      Kelly Baldwin - Primary

      Lesley Ritchie - Secondary

      Maddie Smith - Secondary

      Nicole Austin - Secondary

      Katarina Parker - Infant

      Ross Godon - Secondary

      Vinit Sobti - Secondary

      Ysabel Garcia-Betteridge - Primary


      IT Support

      Carol Timney - IT Manager

      Malcolm Ferris - Network Manager

      Sandra Evans - ICT Support Assistant


      Sarah Atkins - Receptionist/Admin Assistant

      Mary Hogg - Headteacher's PA

      Jo Baily - Specialist Schools Administrator

      Kimberley Turner - Admin Assistant


      David Birch - Site Officer

      Shaun McGreal - Premises Manager

      Midday Meals Supervisors

      Cindy Robinson

      Julie West


      Kim Ennis - Catering Assistant

      Sharon Hamilton - Catering Assistant

      Jackie Woodley - Catering Assistant

      Nickki Boardman - Cook/Supervisor


      Teresa Woloszczuk

      Joanna Orzechowska

      Marcin Stankewicz

      Peter Wilmer

      Tadeusz Orzechowski

      Gary James

      St. Anthony's Governors 

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