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    School Games

    The school have to deliver level 1 (Intra school) competitions in order to be eligible to compete at Level 2 (inter school) and level 3 (County level) competitions. Level 1 competitions will most probably occur towards the end of half terms and can be through various sports such as Boccia, New Age Kurling and Sports hall athletics.

    We have achieved the gold award for 2018-2019.

     School Games Dates 2019-2020

    Boccia 18th October Secondary

    Kurling 10th January Secondary 


    PYG 13th May CANCELLED

     School Games Day Summer 2020

    (Renamed Fun sports day) TBC

    Secondary and Primary

    Letters have been sent out to those invited to the boccia level 2 competition coming up.  26/9/2019

    I am super excited to announce that we have been awarded the school games award GOLD. 27/9/2019

    Well today we had two teams take part in the level 2 Boccia  competition both should be very proud of themselves. we look forward to our next competition in 2020 18/10/2019

    Wow that was a great start to the new school year. This half of the term we will be completing our level 1 Kurling within our PE lessons 29/10/2019

     New competition for the secondary children to take part in the early part of 2020 6/11/2019

    We have just received our GOLD award in the post. You may see it hanging up proud in the reception area. 20/11/2019

    Level 2 letters have been sent out for the up and coming level 2 kurling competition in January 4/12/2019

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Welcome back after the festive holidays and what a first week back with the level 2 competition this Friday 8/1/2020 

    Level 2 Kurling was a great competition with both teams doing really well bringing back silver and bronze medals 15/1/2020

    Lots going on with regards to new competition for secondary will keep you all posted. 21/01/2020

    We are starting to organise the PYG with some new sports happening in this event. 29/01/2020

    The Dancers are in full practice. Getting ready for there show in March 5/02/2020

    Have a lovely half term see you all in a weeks time 12/02/2020

    We have a new and exciting competition that we going to be Taking part in. SEN Sussex Football Competition happening on the 27th March 26/02/2020

    Swimming Level 1 Competition are happening within secondary PE lessons 4/03/2020

    Unfortunately the SEN sussex football competition has been postponed and will happen at another date. I will keep you updated with a new date. 13/03/2020

    I know you are all missing PE but you can still stay active by either joining Joe wicks on his You tube channel. 31/03/2020

    Half term hope you all enjoy eating some chocolate on Easter day.

    Unfortunately with everything going on PYG has been cancelled this year but School games has organised Virtual specsavers school games with lots of challenges being set. You and your family can get involved and log you score with them under our school name. It doesn't matter what score you get its about taking part and helping us on the leaderboard. Even the teachers will be getting involved. You will find this information on moodle under sports community so please check in there on Monday 27th April to get started  21/04/2020   


  • Sky Sports

    Living for Sport programme. The PE dept put on a six week sports programme to promote and improve team work, communication and healthy lifestyles. Sky Sports then arrange for a sporting star to visit the school. So far we have had an Olympic medalist Diver, an Olympic Bronze Medallist Hockey player and a European Champion Boxer visit us.

    This year 2015-2016 we will have Aaron Phipps Olympic GB wheelchair rugby star come in and talk to the school and lead a small selected group in different activities. This will help with their confidence and leadership skills in the hope they will lead their peers in break time and lunch time activities.

    Alex Danson Olympic Bronze Medallist Hockey player

    Peter Waterfield - Olympic Diver
  • Lloyds TSB

    We receive National School Sports Week resources to help us with our festivals and sports days.


    • Get Set

      As part of the Olympic legacy, St. Anthony's remains linked to the Olympic organisation which provides resources in return for information about what the school delivers as a result of the Olympic Legacy.

      • Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club

        We are privileged to have a positive link with the coaches at Brighton and Hove Football Club. The coaches have an excellent array of qualifications from traditional Football through to Wheelchair sports. The link enables good practice, resources and coaching to be shared, creating opportunities for pupils to experience new sports and engage with other staff.