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    Helen Ball - Head Teacher

  • Friday 15th February

    I can’t really believe half term is here already.

    The pupils have been incredibly busy this term with lots of visits and activities in class

    In primary, pupils had some special visitors. Owls About Town came in to spend a morning with the pupils. Pupils enjoyed learning about owls and being able to touch a live owl.

    The school is very much looking forward to celebrating World Book Day. Letters have gone out, but a reminder that the date is Thursday March 7th.

    This year the Circus is coming to St Anthony’s. Parents and Friends are organising the Happy Circus on Sunday 30th June. Flyers have gone out this week. It should be a wonderful afternoon and great opportunity to raise some funds for the school.

     Finally, I would like to wish you a lovely half term. Pupils return to school on Monday 25th February

     My next blog will be 8th March


    • Friday 1st February 2019

      1st February 2019

      I am not sure where this term has gone, it’s incredible to believe that we are almost half way through the academic year.

      Thank you to all parents/carers that completed the questionnaire. Feedback was incredibly positive. Full results of the survey have been sent out in a letter.

      I would also like to thank parents for their support with the adverse weather conditions we experienced today. It is never an easy decision to close a school, but in this case we had no choice due to health and safety of both staff and pupils. Obviously the snowfall overnight made any kind of travel hazardous, particularly first thing in the morning.

      Hopefully we have had our snow for the year. Thank you once again for your continued support.

      Some dates for you diary

      Key stage 4 pupil consultation evening will take place on Wednesday 6th February.

      Inset Day – Friday 15th February ( School Closed to pupils)

      My next blog will be 15th February

      • Friday 18th January 2019

        This term already seems to be whizzing by.


        The pupils and staff continue to be very busy with a range of activities in school.


        Year 11’s are working hard with their KS4 coursework. There are a number of visits planned to support curriculum activities which I know pupils are looking forward to.


        Last week we had a group of pupils represent the school at the Sainsbury’s Sports Games. All pupils performed brilliantly against 12 other schools with one of the teams finishing in second place.


        Primary pupils have been to the Theatre to enjoy a music concert. For some pupils, it’s the first time they have had the opportunity to experience the Theatre. All had a super time.

        Theatre Trip

        Some dates for you diary



        Key Stage 4 pupil consultation evening will take place on Wednesday 6th February.



        My next blog will be 1st February


        • Friday 4th January

          4th January 2019


          Happy New Year.


          Thank you to all parents and carers who completed parent questionnaires. The overwhelming majority of responses were incredible positive and complementary towards the school. I will be sending out the results to parents in the next couple of weeks.


          The last two weeks of the Autumn term was extremely busy with lots of Christmas celebrations.


          The Soiree and primary performances were fantastic. All pupils perform brilliantly and it was lovely to see lots of parents/ carers coming along to watch.


          The term finished with a fantastic Christmas lunch. Nicky and her team worked incredibly hard to produce an amazing meal that was enjoyed by everyone.


          A new year, a new term gets underway. Both staff and pupils are looking forward to a successful year.


          I would also like to remind parents/carers that we operate a texting system to keep parents regularly up to date with key events and the opening status of the school should we have any snow or significant weather. This compliments the information that would also be available on the website. Should any parents or carers wish to be added to the text system, then please call the office.


          Here’s looking forward to a successful and healthy 2019


          Next blog will be on 18th January 2019.


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