Woodland Wonders

David & Tharada Blakesley

“Several years ago, Autism and Nature’s co-founder, David Blakesley, was asked to write about the benefits of woodland for people. Whilst researching this article, he came to realise just how important nature and the countryside can be for people’s health and well-being, and that this might be especially true for children with Special Educational Needs. As part of his research, David accompanied a class of primary school children with autism and Special Educational Needs, on a trip to Hucking Estate in Kent. Woodland Trust Education Officers played games with the children, to teach them how seeds are dispersed. He watched as the children were shown how to plant trees, and given the opportunity to dig holes and plant trees for themselves. David later described this experience as life-changing, after witnessing the excitement and joy on the children’s faces during their short time in the countryside. The idea for an organisation dedicated to enriching the lives of people with autism, through engaging them with nature, was born.” –  Sourced from the Autism and Nature Website Accessed 20th October 2016

Presented below are a selection of David & Therada Blakesley’s publications that have been used at St. Anthony’s School.

West Sussex Countryside- A Guide for Parents and Teachers of Children with Autism
Click image for PDF book


Puffin on The BeachClick image for details

Alex and Rosie’s Adventures in West Sussex – Click image for PDF book

Visit the Autism and Nature Website to find out more about David and Tharada Blakesley as well as the team of people who they work with.  There are ‘variants’ of the books displayed on this page for download which include visiting the countryside in other counties as well as the Alex and Rosie’s Adventure Series.  Click image for details