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Pupils made these wonderful papier mache hedgehogs.

Pupils made these wonderful papier mache hedgehog

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Pupils have entered the world of hedgehogs. They explored their key features, how they protected themselves in the wild against the dangers, what they liked to eat, what they don’t like to eat and where they live

Hedgehogs Numbers

They rolled up into balls to pretend to be hedgehogs asleep under leaves.


Pupils made hedgehogs out of plates. They stuck wool on for the spines. They then turned some of the hedgehogs into a number line.


The pupils watched videos and sang songs. Their key words were spines, under, bush, sharp, ball, leaves, brown, night, bonfire, 4 legs, slugs and snails.

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Makaton Wonders Hedghogs PDF – Autumn Term 2 2016

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