11th September 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

As we have finished our first week back, I would just like to pass on my thanks on behalf of the staff and governors for your support in ensuring the first week back has gone smoothly. The phased return has proved really successful. This has enabled pupils to transition back into school more slowly and get used to being in school again.

All pupils have had a positive start and have really enjoyed being back in school. The changes that we have implemented to ensure that school is safe have worked well. We are still finalising the organisation of transport at the end of the day, but can I please ask parents/carers to following the timings below. This helps to reduce congestion at the front of the school.

Buses arrive from 8:30am – member of staff manages pupils getting off buses
Parent Drop off ( Key Stage 2 ) 8:30-8:45am
Parent Drop off ( Secondary) 8:45-8:55am
Parent Drop off ( Apple and Chestnut ) 8.55-9.10am

Buses arrive from 2.55pm– pick up from 3pm
Parent Pick up ( Key Stage 2 ) 2.55-3:05pm
Parent Pick up ( Secondary) 3:05-3:15pm
Parent Pick up ( Apple and Chestnut ) pupils are either collected at lunch time or in the afternoon 2:40-2:55pm – time agreed with teacher.

Please wait outside reception. Your child will be brought down at the agreed time and we look forward to another positive week.

Kind regards

Helen Ball

Head Teacher.

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