Dear Parents/Carers

As we come to the first week with the whole school on-site, thanks again to all parents and carers
for their support. The children have yet again adapted to the increased numbers of pupils in
school and have been a real credit to themselves.

We have had the opportunity to finalise numbers this week to how many pupils we can safely
accommodate in the hall for hot school lunches. I am pleased to say that from next week we will
be able to accommodate those children who would like to have a school lunch. The cost of a
school lunch is £2.35 each day. This can be paid using ParentMail and the payment system should
be fully operational for school lunches by the end of next week. You can view the lunch menu on
the school website.

The weather this week, has become colder. We are trying to ensure that when we can we will go
out at break times. Could I ask that parents/carers please ensure your child brings in a coat to
school and to make sure that it is named.

As with any return to school, we often have a number of colds and sniffles at this time of year. A
number of parents have queried whether or not their child should be in school. I would ask
parents to follow their normal procedures and if your child is well enough, please send them into
school. If your child has any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19, then you must keep
your child at home.

I have attached the NHS information sheet for your reference.
If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

With very best wishes
Helen Ball

NHS Track and Trace Letter for Parents and Guardians.

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