Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope this letter find you and your family safe and well. As we come to the end of the 5th Week of this half term, I would like to extend my thanks for your continued support.

Pupils have certainly adapted well to the return to school and seem very settled being back at school, long may this continue. The news continues to report on the impact of COVID and thankfully this has not touched the school currently. However as a school we need to prepare for every eventuality.

The government last week announced that from the 22nd October it will be law for every school to ensure that remote learning is in place should at any point a school is required to fully or partially close. I have attached the remote learning policy for your information. I would like to stress that this is in place just in case and not as a planned event at any point in the future. As always we will be keeping up to date with any changes we may be required to implement.

I would like to also inform parents that the school has been given permission to have an additional INSET day this year. This will enable us to catch up on any training that was effected by the Lock Down in the summer term. The date of the INSET day is Friday 13th November.

Can I also please remind parents that they cannot access the school site unless agreed in advance with the school. I would also appreciate that parents/carers if and when they access school, this is only through reception.

At the beginning of this term, we requested that pupils should limit the number of items they bring from home into school and only bring in essential items. As the term has progressed, pupils are bringing in an increasing number of items that are not essential. Can I please ask that these are limited and that anything that does come into school is clearly labelled.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

With very best wishes
Helen Ball

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