Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing to you to inform you of further developments with regards to the current
lockdown that has come into force today.

The guidelines that we have received, directs us to ensure that our staff who fall within the
Critical Extremely Vulnerable should not be in school. A number of staff fall within the category
and therefore has a significant impact on the day to day running and provision that we can
offer to maintain the most consistent educational package we are able to implement with
minimal disruption to pupils.

We of course would want to be able to provide 5 days for all pupils, but in the current climate
and staffing this will not be possible. To try to support attendance for as many pupils as we can
safely, the following groups will NOT BE IN school on the following days.

The timetable will be in place until the end of the proposed lockdown which is due to finish on
2nd December, which will be reviewed on a day by day basis and could be changed at short
notice dependent on staffing numbers.

We recognize that we have a number of pupils with underlying health conditions who may be
more vulnerable to COVID. The medical team will have been in contact these parents to discuss
individual pupils.

Home learning activities for all pupils are available on the school website under learning zone.
Staff are working hard to regularly add to these so that children can continue to learn and
access educational resources and activities. Paper copies are also available. Please let the office
know if you require a paper copy.

Those pupils eligible to FSM will be given food parcels to take home for the days they do not
attend. A separate letter will be sent regarding this.

I must stress that if your child or any of your family show any symptoms, then that child must
self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days and the school in the present circumstance reserve the
right to send any child home who has any symptoms.

This current situation is unprecedented and ever changing and I recognise the additional strain
this puts on families. I would like to offer my sincere thanks for your continued support.

I will make sure that general updates are posted each week and if there are any significant
changes, I will update parents at the earliest possibility.

Best wishes

Helen Ball

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