Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you for your continued support with the changes we have had to implement over the
last couple of weeks. It has been much appreciated and the planned changes have ensured that
the school can operate as effectively as possible under the current circumstances.

The current plan is in place and will be reviewed after further updates and guidance is given by
the Government, which hopefully will be in the next week.

We have had a number of questions from parents regarding Christmas Activities in school. I am
sure you will understand, that we have/will need to make adaptations to some activities, which
under current guidelines cannot take place.

Christmas Cards – the school will facilitate pupils bringing in Christmas cards to give to their
friends. Cards that come into school, will be quarantined for 72 hours before giving them to the
children. Can I request that pupils do not bring in cards until 1st December at the earliest.

Christmas Lunch – we have pencilled in the following dates for Christmas lunch. Tuesday 15th
December for the Primary Department and Thursday 17th December for the Secondary
Department. Further details will be sent via ParentMail regarding booking your child in for
Christmas Lunch (if they don’t normally have school dinners).

Christmas Activities – we will run a range of activities over the last week of term to celebrate
Christmas. These will take place within departments/class bases in school. Further details will
be sent in my next letter.

Thank you to all parents/carers who completed the questionnaire. It was great to have almost
60% of parents respond and the excellent feedback we have received. Your participation is very
much appreciated and the data helps inform the school so that we can continue to develop and
move forward. Survey results will be sent out by the end of term.

Can I remind parents/carers that home learning activities for all pupils are available on the
school website under the learning zone. Staff are working hard to regularly add to these so that
children can continue to learn and access educational resources and activities. Paper copies are
also available. Please let the office know if you require a paper copy.

I must stress that if your child or any of your family show any symptoms associated with COVID,
then that child must self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days and the school in the present
circumstance reserves the right to send any child home who has any symptoms.

I will make sure that general updates are posted fortnightly and if there are any significant
changes, I will update parents at the earliest possibility.

Best wishes

Helen Ball

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