Dear Parents and Carers,

This is my last letter of 2020, a year that most of us will be glad to see behind us I am sure.
While many of the things we regularly love to see during this term have sadly been put on
hold, where possible we have endeavoured to do as many activities as possible which have
added some normality to our term even if a little different. While our world may be far
from normal we are continuing to add some sparkle in the build up to Christmas. It is
lovely to see the Christmas trees being decorated, pupils making Christmas decorations
and getting into the festive spirit.

From my perspective the energy we have gained from the students in school has been
welcome and when walking around school, the children’s world continues to move
forward with productive learning across all areas of the school.

These continue to be anxious times for all of us, children, staff and parents as we manage
learning and work combined with the worry for our own families. The supportive culture
across school has been amazing and my thanks to everyone of their unfailing commitment,
positive feedback and general ‘let’s get on with it attitude’. Community spirit in such times
is undoubtedly at its best. I am, like all of us, looking forward to the day I can walk round
the school without a mask and send a smile to staff and children that can be seen.

Track and Trace
For now, as we move into the final week of the term, can I ask that you note the
information in particular in relation to track and trace during the holiday.

The school has an important role with track and trace to support the national drive to
reduce virus transmission. The email address for parents / carers to notify us of a positive
COVID case during the first few days of the Christmas break is It will be
monitored once daily throughout the first part of the holiday and should only be used to
notify us of a confirmed case. Other email addresses may not be monitored – please use
this address only. We all hope this will not be needed, but we are there to support if
needed during the first few days of the holiday.

The school only needs to track and trace during the holiday for your child’s close contacts
if both of the following apply:

Your child has a confirmed case of COVID and your our child’s symptoms started on either Friday 18th December or Saturday 19th December.

The infectious period is 48 hours prior to symptoms starting; close contacts during this
period would need to self-isolate. For example: if symptoms start on Sunday 20th
December, 48 hours prior to this time is Friday when your child was not in school. We
would therefore not need to take any action with regard to track and trace.
I have attached a flow chart for your information.

End of Term
The school will close on Thursday 17th December. Thursday will be a non-uniform day and
Christmas Jumper Day. Pupils will be asked to make a voluntary contribution of £1 to
support Save the Children. There will also be a class tombola and raffle for Christmas
Hampers and for both of these pupils/parents will be asked to make a contribution of £1
for each. Proceeds of these will go to Parents and Friends.

Finally, I would like to thank you as always for your support and I wish you all a restful,
safe Christmas with your families and loved ones.

I look forward to welcoming all pupils back to school on Monday 4th January.
Yours sincerely

Helen Ball
Head Teacher

COVID-19 Track Trace Flow Chart For Christmas

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