Dear Parents/Carers,

Guidance regarding confirmed COVID-19 cases.

I am writing to you to inform you that we have had 2 confirmed positive COVID cases in school.
We also currently have a number of pupils and staff off who are unwell and awaiting test
results. Can I please ask parents not to send their child in if they are displaying any symptoms
that were highlighted in my letter last week and if they are displaying symptoms to please get a
PCR test for your child.

Unfortunately we have had to close a number of class bases and both pupils and staff will be
required to isolate for 10 days. Those individuals have been contacted. Should your child be
required to isolate, other members of the household can continue normal activities unless your
child develops symptoms within the 10 day isolation period or tests positive.

Can I please ask parents if their child does test positive to inform the school as soon as possible.
I am sure that you will appreciate the impact on the school currently. We have an increasing
number of other staff absent either because they have symptoms or someone in their family
may have tested positive. We also have a number of staff whose children have been sent home
to isolate and therefore they are unable to attend school. This is in addition to normal staff
absence. I would like to re-iterate that due to current limitations with COVID, there is limited
staff available to cover staff absence and staff cannot be moved from Secondary to Primary and
vice versa.

With this in mind and to try and ensure class bases are staffed safely, for the remainder of the
term we will be implementing a rota to enable the school to operate safely and be
appropriately staffed. However, should we have any further COVID related staff issues, further
changes may need to be made.

The following groups will NOT BE IN school on the following days.

Pupils can access home learning activities via the school website. Please access this at www.stants.
org and go into the learning zone.

The above arrangements will remain under review and with the current situation and could
very well change at very short notice.

Best Wishes
Helen Ball

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