Introductory Letter from the Assistant Head Teacher

1st February 2022 Key stage 4 – Pathways Curriculum Information

Dear Parent/ Carer

Your child will be moving into year 10 in September 2022, the curriculum they will follow will be slightly different from the Key stage 3 curriculum. The Key stage 4 curriculum has been developed to meet the needs of our pupils preparing for their post 16 education.

Unfortunately due to the current circumstances we are unable to run our usual face to face meetings to introduce the Key Stage 4 Pathway curriculum to you. Therefore this year we are sending you the Pathway booklet via parent mail, to read through at home and we have also put this booklet and a PowerPoint presentation on the school Website, which will be available from the 4th February 2022

Please view the PowerPoint for further information.

The Key Stage 4 Pathway curriculum has been developed to support St Anthony’s pupils with their individual development and learning as well as offer appropriate levels of accreditation. The courses equip pupils with the skills, knowledge and experiences required for their transition onto Post 16 provisions.

The Pathway curriculum has been designed to meet the interests and wide ranging educational and social needs of our pupils, supporting and allowing for progression into adulthood, college and future employment.

Each of the Pathway subjects will present a power point and discuss with pupils the course content during the week commencing 7th February 2022, the presentations will also be available for you to view on the school website.

After half term, I will be meeting each pupil to discuss the Pathway subjects and which they would prefer to follow. Final selections will be confirmed by the end of March.

Please take the opportunity to view the PowerPoint presentations and Handbook on the school website and discuss with your son/daughter.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me

Yours sincerely

Mrs Lisa Spalding
Assistant Head teacher – Secondary and Curriculum

Key Stage 4 Pathways Presentation

Key Stage 4 Pathways Curriculum Information