Woodland Wonders


Research Documents

Engaging children on the autistic spectrum with the natural environment: Teacher insight study and evidence review – Natural England Commissioned Report NECR116 2003 Retrieved from www.naturalengland.org.uk  PDF Document -> NECR116 Ed1 Report

Climbing Trees and Building DensMental health and wellbeing in young adults and the long-term effects of childhood play experience – Bingley, A. & Milligan, C. (2004) Institute for Health Research, Lancaster University 2004 Retrieved from http://escalate.ac.uk/downloads/4725.pdf PDF Document  -> Climbing Trees & Building Dens

Natural Thinking: Investigating the links between the Natural Environment, Biodiversity and Mental Health  Bird, W. (2007). A report for the RSPB -> Natural Thinking

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Using realistic evaluation to evaluate ‘Forest School’ with young people aged 14-16 with special educational needs. Southall, L (2014) Retrieved from http://eprints.nottingham.ac.uk/27690/1/LS%20DAEP%20Ethesis.pdf


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