Here are some tips on how to support your young person’s wellbeing and your own.

Children’s emotions can seem big and unpredictable at times. Most of the time this is normal and is part of a developing mind. Here are 10 different ways you can help your child to try and make sense of what they are feeling.

It’s really important that you look after your mental and emotional wellbeing as well as your physical health.
Here are some tips on how to support your young person’s wellbeing.

Non-Screen Activities you can do from Home – Click on link or image to download PDF

Downloadable PDF Resources – Click on Image to Download!

Anna Freud is a world-leading mental health charity for children and families.

Novio Support is a web based approach to share information about SEND for Parent, Carers and Professionals in the Area South locality.

Self-care and mental health are connected, neglecting one can have a negative impact on the other. Children having self-care is very important, but it is equally as important for adults too! Download the NHS Self Care Kit below by clicking on the image or link!

The Alphabet Guide to Wellbeing

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