The staff welcome any parental involvement in school and we know and appreciate how difficult it can be at home if your child has a problem. Please contact us if you have any questions rather than let the worries build up. We like to see parents in school.

It is helpful if you can let us know if you intend coming to school just in case the class is out on a school trip or a specific activity is being carried out which would be difficult to disturb.

It is our policy to provide homework on request when appropriate and agreed with parents. This will mean that support and involvement from home is essential for homework to be a valuable addition to our work in school, and we hope that you will be able to support us when homework is requested.

All pupils in the Secondary Department are provided with a homework diary which you will need to sign when your child has completed the work set. Pupils in the Primary and ASD Department are provided with homework through home school books.

Our off-site activities for pupils range from short trips during lesson time to extended camps in the Secondary Department to places elsewhere in the country and sometimes abroad.

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