At St. Anthony’s School we run various after school clubs for pupils.   Some clubs are also run during the pupils’ lunch break.   School clubs generally start a couple of weeks into the start of a new term.  This is to allow pupils to get used to a normal school routine before adding extracurricular activities which might cause stress to those with an autistic spectrum condition. 

We have a lovely indoor swimming pool, in addition to the pupils using the pool as part of their PE lesson we also offer after school club lessons. This provides some social fun time for pupils whilst focusing on improving their water confidence and physical fitness.

We have swimming club for ASD pupils on Mondays, Primary Pupils on Tuesdays and Secondary Pupils on Thursdays.

Sensory club
Primary ASD/Infants pupils carry out sensory play and explore their general senses. With the use of sensory room, Outdoor play area, multisensory room and sensory crafts sessions.

Team Sports
Secondary Pupils can engage in various sports activities and this is dependent on the time of the year and the weather. However, we have an indoor sports hall that includes a full scale climbing wall. Typical sports played are basketball, cricket, rounder’s and OAA.

Multi skills Club
Children from across Secondary and Primary will have the chance to explore the sports equipment and work on skills they may find difficult and to improve on these during this club or discover new skills. The children may do this independently or complete skills with a peer.

Secondary pupils can attend the computing club which is held in our fully equipped IT Suite. We have PCs, Ipads, remote control robots and drones that pupils can build, program and control. Some pupils like to team up and play on our safe in house Mindcraft Server that is monitored by a teacher; this is a closed system and does not access the internet. We also have Lego WeDo which allows pupils to build motorized objects and use programmable sensor switches.

Arts and craft
Secondary Pupils can enjoy some time crafting creating piece of art using arrange of materials. Sometimes there maybe a project which all pupils will help to create a final piece which will be used placed around the school.

Dance Club
Primary and secondary have a joint dance club working together to choreograph a dance to a piece of music. There maybe times when the school may have school production that the children who attend dance club to be apart of the school production

Climbing Club
At St Anthony’s we have a fully equipped climbing wall. This club will be offered to pupils in Primary and secondary and will be led by qualified instructors. The pupils will work at there own pace and working towards completing their own personal challenges during this club.

Rebound Therapy
This club is accessible for pupils at St Anthony’s and is used to facilitate movement using the two trampolines with have here at school. This
club is run by qualified Rebound Therapy instructors. This club promotes
 Balance
 Relaxation
 Sensory integration
 Communication
 fitness

If you require anymore information about rebound therapy please take look at this website Rebound Therapy – Founded 1972 in the UK

Social Club
The pupils in secondary will have the chance through out the school year to be able to attend this club. This club will be offered in year groups so they can chill and spend time with friends outside of the school day. They may choose to spend this time watching a film, playing board games, listening to music and they will get the chance during the club to create a health snack to have during the club.

Discovery Club
Pupils from Secondary club have the use of metal detectors and going around the school site finding hidden treasure.

Go Explore
Giving all pupils across primary and secondary to explore the outdoors and create eco friendly homes for the birds and mini beasts that are living around the school site using materials that are found outdoors or reusing items that are recycled.

Chill and Sensory Club
Secondary pupil carry out sensory play and explore their general senses. With the use of sensory room, Outdoor play area and sensory crafts sessions. Giving the pupils time to relax after a day at school.

Outside agencies clubs
There maybe times when we are able to offer clubs that are ran by outside companies giving the pupils at St Anthony’s new experience which we are unable to offer within school.

Sensory Room Play